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Standalone Short Stories

Aside from her full-length collections, Cara has also written standalone short stories on subjects close to her heart. Her short stories can be downloaded for free.


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Knock Down Ginger


The boy next door has seven days to try and change a fifteen-year-old girl’s mind about her hair, and he will knock down ginger until he succeeds. 


A short story about identity, courage, and young love.

Just Julia
A short story about eczema


‘I just need one day of not being in this body.’


Julia Ross is a twenty-something woman (barely) living with eczema.

Julia Ross has been told not to scratch.

Julia Ross has been told to use coconut oil.

Julia Ross has been told it’s never going to get better.

Julia Ross has come to the end.


Can Julia Ross reclaim her identity from her skin or has she finally given up?


Based on the author’s own experience with eczema, this short story hits home on exactly what it's like to live with a condition most people believe is only skin deep.

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