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Weighting to Live

Between late 2014 and early 2018, Cara wrote the women's fiction series, Weighting to Live, which was republished in 2022. The entire series is free to download.

Weighting to Live
A heart-warming debut novel about family, love, and the myth of perfection


Can she stop living for tomorrow?


She can’t wait to finally start living, but first she must lose the weight and stop pulling out her eyebrows then everything will be perfect. 


Weighting to Live follows one woman’s struggle to stop living for tomorrow in the midst of the illness of her beloved grandmother, a miserable boss, a crazy family, inner demons, and a lack of self-belief. 


And just wait until you meet Nigel …


A cosy, heart-warming story that will make you laugh and cry (and sometimes even at the same time).



Four short stories. Four people whose lives are about to change. 


A companion to Cara Ward’s debut novel, Weighting to Live, which focuses on four characters from the book. 


Open the pages and discover another side of Mary Rose, follow Italian Aunt as she tries to avoid temptation amidst the glittering world of amateur dramatics, fall for Scottish Cousin who writes a letter that will change the course of his life, and see April (formally known as Bee) try to learn forgiveness from a stranger who is not all that she seems.


They are standalone stories, but it is advised that you read Weighting to Live first as there are spoilers.


A thoughtful collection of short stories about life and the choices we make.

Sixteen Months


Find out what happens after she stopped 

Weighting to Live.


One mistake she can’t even remember and her life is turned upside down. She might have stopped living for tomorrow, but she’s got a whole lot more to learn today.


A quick but moving read about love, new beginnings … and a cat called Nigel.

Plus Uno
Lock up your husbands, she’s back …


Just when you think you have everything figured out, one faulty sunbed changes everything. 


Follow ‘Italian’ aunt on one final adventure ... 


The conclusion to Cara Ward’s Weighting to Live series (in no more than thirty minutes).

The Final Chapters
Changes, Sixteen Months, and Plus Uno in one book


The Final Chapters is a collection of three books on love, life, and the choices we make from Cara Ward’s Weighting to Live series.

The book starts with Changes, a collection of short stories about four people whose lives are about to change. Next is the novelette, Sixteen Months, where we find out what happens after she stopped Weighting to Live. Finally, there is Plus Uno, a short story which follows ‘Italian’ aunt on one final adventure ...


A collection not to be missed.

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